Tug Hill Camp

Our Family Camps

Florence, NY






Camp Fernwood North

16×20 main living area, with 8×8 bathroom.


Electric lights and 120 volt outlets.
Powered by battery and inverter with generator backup,
batteries may also be charged with solar panels.

Wood stove for cold weather. (Fully insulated walls.)

Camp kitchen with work and storage space.

Fully functional composting toilet.

Shower stall with on demand propane fired water heater.

Over 14 acres of mixed woods, wetland, and upland meadow with a number of cut and maintained walking trails.

Deeded walk in access to 46 Corners Management Area,
featuring over 18,000 acres of NY State owned forest land.

NYS Class B Licensed Shooting Preserve
for upland hunts (Limited to family & invited guests only).

Located near Lake Ontario, the Salmon River, and Onieda Lake.

Queen size bed on a raised platform.

Storage under the bed available (80″ L x 60″ W X 15″ H)



Compact oak camp chairs for reading or sitting near the fire.


A photo of the dining area will be added soon.


Camp kitchen with shelves, storage, stove, and coffee maker.

All required cookware, plates, and utensils can be found in the green under counter cabinets.

Grilling outside or cooking over the fire is also an alternative.



Simple, but comfortable, bathroom.



Wader hangers are mounted in the shower stall.  This allows wet waders to dry while dripping into the stall- keeping the cabin floor dry.

2 sets are installed.

  Cabin-side fire ring and seating area.
Rear of the property featuring a managed upland meadow.  
  A number of trails are cut and maintained.
A glimpse of the path leading to the rear meadow.  
  The short loop trail.


This trail begins and ends at cabin.  It includes a picnic area near a small stream and intersects the swamp trail, which leads to the rear meadow.

The swamp trail.

This trail is surrounded by cattails, ferns, and frogs and provides access to the upland habitat at the rear of the property.

  Some of the lush wetland vegetation.
Some of the very large ferns found throughout the boggy section of the property.  
  A view looking at our access road, Fawn Meadow Lane.

In this photo, our property can be seen on both sides of this road.

Cleared campsite.

We have cleared a campsite on the opposite side of Fawn Meadow Lane from the cabin for visitors.  The roomy clearing is high and dry, but offers a cut trail to a small stream, and offers a quiet spot to set-up camp.

  The gate leading to the cabin.


Wildlife Property Management Plan

Below you will find a description of the various ecological zones found on the property.  The 14 acre property is being actively managed to maintain it’s diversity, encourage upland populations (especially grouse and woodcock), and protect the quality of the water found in its wetland.